Healthy HEARTS 4 Valentine's Day

February is AMERICAN HEART MONTH and there's no better time to GET ACTIVE! 

Let's Get to WERK! There are a TON of ways to improve your heart health through food, exercise, and overall healthy living. Let's put more focus on your HEART for the month of February and work towards having a healthy heart in the future! 


Introduce Healthier Foods into your body

Eat more foods high in OMEGA-3 fatty acids like Tuna, Salmon, and Trout to lower plaque build up in arteries. Increase your amounts of GREEN & LEAFY vegetables such as Kale, Spinach & Broccoli which are high in fiber, vitamins, & minerals. Find a healthy source of protein in LEGUMES like lentils, peas, and beans to help control blood sugar. 

** Websites like and offer tons of tips on healthy foods and grocery lists to keep you on track! 

Limit or Manage your stress levels

Stress is inevitable and we ALL have it.. BUT we can do things to limit and manage stress once you recognize its there. Learn the basics of deep breathing exercises or take a YOGA CLASS. Find out what is causing your stress and find ways to limit or remove them if possible. Make your mind and body a PRIORITY - find 20 minutes during each day to do something for yourself whether its to decompress, stretch, read or DANCE WITH US!

** You can find local yoga classes on or tips for reducing stress on

Get Moving!

Increased physical activity can help LOWER your blood pressure, IMPROVE blood flow, and naturally LIFT your mood! There are TONS of ways to get moving through out the week: 

  1. Start SMALL & create short term goals such as "take 1 fitness class per week for the next month" or "incorporate morning workouts twice per week"
  2. Find an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER - start planning "fitness dates" with a friend or partner. Create a "fitness goal pact" with someone close to you and help keep each other on track by doing frequent check-ins
  3. Ask how FITWERK can help! Need help with creating a fitness plan or looking to get a group of friends together for a fun fitness class, let us know!


Sparkle & Bling For Your Audition!

The hardest part of any audition is standing out from hundreds of beautiful and talented women. So what do you do... BLING IT OUT! We sat down with the amazingly talented Atlanta Based Audition Wear Designer, Nakeia Staley of BellaDonna DanceWear. Check out her TOP 5 Ways to make your audition "costume" WOW the judges! 

1. Choose colors that are flattering to your skin tone. Pick colors that will make you look vivacious and bright!!! 

2. There’s no such thing, as too much bling. Don't be afraid to SPARKLE! 

3. Practice in your audition wear. Your goal is to look comfortable and flattering while you move. 

4. Choose your cut of shorts wisely. The most flattering is the infamous "V" cut shorts

5. Let's hold it all in ladies, tights are our friend! Beyonce` never takes the stage with a pair of skin-tone sheer to waist tights.

And of course she couldn't just choose 5...

6. Make your audition wear reflect YOU as a dancer. It can be in the color, texture, cut, or design, but allow your flare and personality to shine through the design. Let BellaDonna DanceWear achieve your customized look!


Add Some Bling To Your Audition!

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